SAN HeadQuarters 2.1 Upgrade Install

Upgraded my SAN HeadQuarters 2.1 from 2.0 and wanted to share my Upgrade.

Go to download the relatively small 44 MB file.

Double Click the SANHQSetup32And64.exe file and you will see the following screen. This part is where the Installer will check for an perquisites. Then it will prepare the installer.

The next section will show you the recommended upgrade actions. This is where is also gives you the option to archive existing SAN HeadQuarters Data (You can also pick the location of your archive). Go ahead and click continue.

The Installer will then begin to archive your existing data to the directory of your choosing.

After the Archive is complete, the installer will show you the location where the archive is stored. You should go ahead and document this location for a later time.

Now you will go ahead with the upgrade.

At this point it will Stop the Monitor Service – Install the new application files – Initialize Monitor Service

The Install is now done, with the check box selected to Launch the SAN HeadQuarters Client, click Finish.
Once SAN HQ Launches it will reconnect your Equallogic Arrays. This install takes only about 10 Min’s from start to finish. There is no reboot required.
One of the notable new features that I liked was the ability to get updates from the GUI, which it will also periodically check and alert you of new updates.

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