Veeam Backup Academy, Why Not!

So…. Seen today that Veeam now offers a free training course that offers an Exam that allows you get Veeam Backup Academy Certified. Please look above at the FREE part!!! There is no reason not to go ahead and do this.

Now, if you use Veeam, and you use VMware you don’t really need to look at the training videos, but the guys who are putting up the information are great, plus you can learn so much from these videos so go ahead and watch them anyways, before or after you take the exam.

The instructors


Greg Shields: Greg holds both Microsoft MVP and VMware vExpert status and is a senior partner at Concentrated Technology. Follow Greg on Twitter @ConcentratdGreg.

image David Davis: David holds VMware vExpert status as well as Cisco CCIE and VMware VCAP credentials. David is a popular blogger, author and expert in the virtualization community. Follow David on Twitter @DavidMDavis.

image Elias Khnaser: Elias holds VMware vExpert status and is the CTO at Sigma Solutions. Elias has authored a number of books on IT certifications and is a popular blogger on a number of websites. Follow Elias on Twitter @EKhnaser.

image Eric Siebert: Eric holds VMware vExpert status and a number of IT certifications. Eric has authored several books and is a popular blogger. Follow Eric on Twitter @EricSiebert.

image Rick Vanover: Rick holds VMware vExpert status and a number of IT certifications. Rick is a popular blogger and podcaster. Follow Rick on Twitter @RickVanover.

Click on the Link and head over to the  website and start learning

Really a 4 step process

1. Create a Free Account

2. Watch some Free Video’s and learn from the best.

3. Take a practice Exam to see if you are ready

4. Take the Exam and get your Backup Academy Certificate.


You can then add the Logo to your Website.

1. Click My Account

2. Click the Snippet Tab

3. Choose your Snippet

4. Copy and paste the code into the HTML for your website.



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