NimbleStorage CS220 Software Update in under 5 Minutes

We all want the ability to update our controllers in a fast and efficient way. Nimble gives us that ability. In the below video I am upgrading my CS220 to 1.3.2 without any downtime, no ping loss, no searching for the correct software.

There is no sound to the video, and the video is not shorten, this is the full process to updating the software. However I am going to also walk over the steps. The video only includes the process of installing the software, not any other steps.

Steps to update the Software

  • Go to Administration/software
  • Click download, this will show software for your Array, select the version you would like to download. This is the longer process of the upgrade. The Array will keep the previous version of Software on your array incase you need to go back. Also you may download older version if you would like, you just need to download them again. If you don’t have Internet Access on your Management Interface, no worries, just go ahead and click upload, and you may upload a file to your Array.


  • Once the download is complete, the update button will be active.
  • Click update and the process will take about 5 – 10 Minutes (Mine took less than 5 Minutes). The process will go ahead and update your Standby Controller, once complete and verified to be working it will kick over that controller to the Active Controller, and then update your now standby Controller.
  • You can watch the process on the screen, and the steps that are occurring.
  • Once it is done, it will refresh the management page for you, log on and make sure you are running the correct Software on your Active and Standby Controller.

Now for the Video Note: My video taking still needs some work Winking smile

NimbleStorage CS220

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