Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 v4 – Upgrade and New Features

Today Veeam launched the new version of Backup for Microsoft Office 365 v4.

This version offers the following new features.

  • Leverage object storage to store your Office 365 data, including AWS S3, Azure Blob, IBM Cloud and S3-compatible providers.
    • Reduce costs with object storage and only pay for what you consume
    • Leverage unlimited scalability with unlimited storage capacity
    • Simplify deployment in the public cloud with no complex planning
  • Version 4 also includes added security with at-rest encryption for data in object storage and faster backup performance for SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business.

To find out more details head over to the following locations.

Below is a short video outlining the upgrade procedure, and configuration of the new features.



  1. Hi, im using Veeam O365 Backup software v3, in this version i configured O365 successfully. But with backup data i can see the userw mail box and emails, is there any way or any update in V4 to hide or any other ways given for the same? Because in backups admin can see users mails, that is one of the major security and audit observation. Can you help me on this…

    1. Hi Yuva,

      Not today, with granting access to the console for a restore/backup administrator they will be able to view and see email contents.

      We do have a RestFul API, that can be used to create a portal where you could hide the contents of the email, and only allow restore for a restore/backup administrator. Here is an example:

      For auditing with v4, you do have the capability to see if a Admin was accessing items within a restore session. As noted here:

      As a last note, feel free to head over to the Veeam Forums related to Veeam Backup for Office 365:

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