FREE LAB Gear! Time to Donate to an Amazing Cause (ALS)

The majority of IT folks have some sort of lab. It comes a time when a downsize or upgrade occurs.

You know what that means there is some decent lab gear up for grabs. Now… Some of us with extra equipment laying around could go ahead and sell it and that’s good too. But a great man Josh Wagman came up with an idea to give it away! WHAT! Free stuff!

Sort of… There’s a catch. O we knew it Rick! But trust me it’s for a great cause. We want you to donate to ALS Society of Canada in honour of Michael White. Then if you want a piece of equipment and you live in the city of the person with the equipment it is yours! That said, a donation would be welcomed either way.

Anyone who knows Michael knows he would do the same thing for anyone of us. He has been a pillar in the world of VMware as long as I can remember with his Notes from MWhite! We in the community want to try and repay all the effort he has put in for us over the years. Help us! Help Michael! The IT Community is strong let’s show it!

If you would like to learn more about Michael, he has been very open with his living with ALS.

We will update this table as items are added, and claimed. For Edmonton I will be adding some equipment over the weekend. Also feel free to join in and add your items to the comment section.

**Local Pickup Only no shipping **To be clear this is all used Lab equipmenT AS-IS Warranty**

Intel Tower Server2 x E5-2407 CPUs + 56GB RAMCalgaryJosh WagmanYes
Intel Tower Server2 x E5-2407 CPUs + 56GB RAMCalgaryJosh WagmanYes
IBM x3550 M41 x CPU + 96GB RAM (I think CPU is E5-2609)CalgaryJosh WagmanYes
IBM x3550 M41 x CPU + 96GB RAM (I think CPU is E5-2609)CalgaryJosh WagmanYes
Lenovo RD440 M42 x E5-2407 CPUs + 48GB RAM, 8 drive trays & screwsCalgaryJosh WagmanYes
Dell R4102 x E5630 CPUs + 16GB RAM, 4 drive trays & screwsCalgaryJosh WagmanYes
Dell R4102 x E5630 CPUs + 16GB RAM, parts onlyCalgaryJosh WagmanYes
Cisco ASA 5520CalgaryJosh WagmanYes
Cisco NEXUS 551020-port SFP+ 10GbE switchCalgaryJosh WagmanYes

Stay Connected with Edmonton VMUG

I want our community to be like this!


Not like this!


We are working to provide an option for everyone to connect with the Edmonton VMUG. People use different means to socially connect, and we have done the following to help!


Twitter: @edmontonVMUG





We can do more, but I think this is a good start. I don’t see the need for anymore at the moment, and of course I do have to keep all this updated Smile 

Now… What do I need from the community. I need you to be active and just pick one, only one to stay connected with us and spread the value of the community.

Please share!!

VMUG Workspaces–Connect with your Community


Why do we all go to the VMUG Meetings? I know why I go, I enjoy talking with people from my local community, who are like of mind. I gain so much value from being around such a smart group of people, who are usually trying to accomplish the same thing I am trying to do. It’s great to pick their minds and see what they are doing, and what is working for their environments but also what isn’t, no need to go down a rabbit hole if someone else has.

Us IT folks love to talk about what we are doing…. We don’t always do well in the normal social circles, but in our own, when we talk the talk, and people understand what we do, and why we are passionate, we just can’t stay quite. Just look at Twitter, the proof is in the pudding. We use social networking, and reach out to people across border’s and oceans, which is amazing……. and it gives us the ability to reach out to people normally we wouldn’t be able to.

Ok where am I go with this? Local VMUG Workspaces!!!

Local VMUG’s usually only have 4 meetings a year. Is that really enough? Yes, we are all busy in our Careers and personal life. But do you still want to reach out to your local community? I know I do, and that is why I head over to my Local VMUG Workspace, and post a discussion. This way I can easily reach out to my Local peers, and see what they are up too… see if anyone is up for a vBeer, if they can help me with an issue I am experiencing, any study tips for certifications, and so many other things. Couldn’t we also do this with Twitter? We sure can, but why not also post it to your local community and maybe get someone locally to assist who may not use social networking as heavily. I’m not saying lets move away from twitter, but lets give a little bit of love to a great solution also provided to us free of charge.

If you agree with this, head over to your local VMUG workspace when you have a few moments, update your profile, subscribe to the ListServ, and start a new discussion. You may be surprised what may come of it.

If you are reading this, and you aren’t a member of the VMUG head over to and register today! It opens up a wealth of connections and knowledge. You will get to know your local VMware Reps, Local Members, and more vendor connections then you could imagine.